Lordington Lavender Garden

Opening days for 2016: 13th July 2016- 17th July 2016

It is a must watch! Absolutely stunning view and instantly mood lifting atmosphere. As soon as you see this purple carpet spread across the distance, you are filled with delight! When you walk through the garden, the scent of lavender is amazing and you could hear the bees buzzing. There are a lot of bees! and they seems very busy in their own purple world, so even if I was quite close to the ground to smell the flowers, i didn’t get stung 🙂

Address: Lordington Farm, Chichester,West Sussex, PO18 9DX.

Lordington Farm is located just off the B2146 between Petersfield and Funtington. Bear in mind that you have to drive through some narrow countryside roads until you reach the farm but its was signposted during the Garden opening week. Parking was provided free on the farm and there were plenty of volunteers to help with the parking. They do have wheelchair access and few spaces for disabled card holders. You have to walk about 10 mins up the hill to get to the farm yard where you will be directed to the Lavender Garden. It was very busy when we visited but it was good to see people enjoying this beautiful view especially children. It is a good way to get them close to the nature and some of them really enjoyed bee watching 🙂

Entry: We have paid £4 per person but afterwards we have realised most people were just passing by without buying the ticket, so it must be donations.

Notes to remember:
  • Carry some drinks as it was very hot during the opening week this summer. They do provide tea, cakes and squash etc right next to the garden but often there is a big queue and most of the things ran out by the afternoon when we visited.
  • There is also a chance to buy lavender infused products and gifts
  • Remember, you have to walk up the hill to get to the garden, so easy footwear
  • Toilet facilities are available near the farm yard
  • This is countryside, and no shops close by. If you have children with you, make sure you have enough drinks and snacks etc
  • Wear something not purple if you want to take some pics 🙂 (obviously, who wouldn’t want to!)
  • If you are afraid of bees, DON’T go
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