Travel Tips

what do you find in my daily travel bag?

These are the essential things we (me and hubby share it) carry in our hunting gears backpack while we are exploring a new place!

  • money and credit card (of course, choose one which wont charge you for the transaction if you use abroad like Aqua or Halifax clarity)
  • photographic IDs (License but NOT passport unless the country you are travelling require you to keep it with you all the time. Otherwise our passports are always safely put away in the locker provided by the hotel)
  • If we are travelling in Europe, we keep our European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) -In case of medical emergency, It entitles you to get the same treatment as you were the citizens of the country you are travelling. If you are a European Citizen, there is no fee to obtain this card. Check out the link below for more details.
  • Mobile phones!! this does the job of camera, navigator, tour guide, messenger etc etc. we do not use maps at all so we would be really lost with our phones as we have several apps in the phone such as tripadvisor, metroline maps, photo editing apps, top attractions list etc
  • Because we use our phones too much, we have a spare phone battery which is fully charged and ready to go
  • As well as the spare phone battery, we also have a portable charging device which we make sure is fully charged when we return to hotel every time. This can be very handy to recharge any electronic device while you are on the go like selfy stick, iPOD etc
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat if there is lots of sunshine 🙂
  • bottle of water/juice and some snacks/fruits
  • List of attractions we have made up for that particular day 🙂
  • A Pen and paper
  • And (this is mainly for girls) my lipbalm and hand cream :)I hate dried hands and lips while I travel as it makes me feel so uncomfortable, I guess most of the girls agree 😉

so here you go pals, that is my travel back pack kit. Did I miss anything important? and what other interesting things do you carry? I would love to know:)

Happy Travelling


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