Barcelona Cathedral/ The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

Quick note about the cathedral: This is another beautiful Gothic Cathedral which is believed to have been completed between 13th and 15th centuries, is now the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Eulalia, co-patron saint of Barcelona, who was a young virgin and  suffered martyrdom during Roman invasion in the city. The body of Saint Eulalia is kept in the cathedral’s crypt. The cathedral also has a Gothic cloister with a beautiful fountain where 13 white geese are kept. The number is significant since it is believed that Saint Eulalia was 13 when she was martyred!

Personal note/tips: The view from the rooftop of the cathedral offers spectacular panoramic view of the Barcelona city. I bet selfy freaks would be content with the shots from here 🙂 There were some construction works going on at the time we visited, so they only allowed few people at a time as the space is constricted. Not many people seemed to be aware/ keen to get to the rooftop but I am sure they don’t know what they are missing since it is not advertised/signposted very well at the time we visited (March 2015)

How to get to Barcelona cathedral:

Easiest way to get there is by metro. The closest metro station is “Jaume I” , You can use LINE 4 (L4) of the metro line to reach here.
The cathedral is almost 15 mins away from Mercado de La Boqueria (La Boqueria market) if you walk.
Address: Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Tickets: The cathedral has free admission for limited hours during each day. Opening times for normal weekdays are as follows, but it does vary on weekends and on special days so check on the link below for any updates before you plan your visit.

      • 8:00 to 12:45 (Senate: 8:30 to 12:30):
        Free admission
      • 13:00 to 17:30
        Admission with donation
      • 17:45 to 19:30 (Senate: 5:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.):
        Free admission

The elevator taking visitors to the rooftops can be accessed through the chapel of the Innocent Saints, next to the door of San Ivo. Tickets only cost 3 Euro per person at the time of writing this but prepare to have the cash/change in hand.

If you have the habit of collecting your travel memories, this ticket is so pretty! its nothing like the boring online ticket we get these days. It is a colourful addition to your travel book/diary.

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral rooftop ticket



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