Bonchurch Landslip and ‘Devil's Chimney’
Isle of Wight

Bonchurch Landslip and ‘Devil’s Chimney’

Bonchurch Landslip and ‘Devil’s Chimney’: Isle of Wight Coastal footpath and geographic formation

This beautiful landslip situated on the edge of the sea, is not known to many people. It is believed to be slowly sliding away from the sandstone cliff over the years. Hence there are many naturally formed cliff staircases and ‘Devil’s Chimney’ is one of them. See the pictures (sorry about the clarity) and the notes below to know more.

Address: Bonchurch landslip car park, Bonchurch Rd, Shanklin PO37 6RH, Isle of Wight.

If you are driving, then use the above post code to get to the nearest car park. If you are using public transport within IOW, catch the number 3 bus going to Ryde and get down at Landslip car park bus stop.

After the walk, if you want to treat yourself with some tea and cakes, there is a nice café nearby with stunning sea views. It is called Smugglers Haven café and the address is as follows:

Smugglers Haven café, Leeson Rd, Ventnor PO38 1QD

Entry: Absolutely free but prepared to walk miles and miles.


  • You need walking boots to explore the landslip and woodland as the coastal path can be very tricky, and the cliff is almost vertical in some places so bear in mind of the narrow steps and climbing. I would recommend you visit the My outdoor lab website just as I did and find their post on the best hiking boots to find an ideal one for you. Devils Chimney may not be ideal for children and dogs, its entrance is really narrow hence even if you decide to carry them; you might not be able to pass through. But that is just a word of warning, feel free to be adventurous!
  • Devils Chimney is narrow as you can see in the pictures, hence it is not for people with Claustrophobia
  • There are handrails throughout the walk, make use of it especially in steep steps.
  • Carry small backpack for water and snacks as it is a long walk but remember you will have to remove it when passing through the Devils Chimney.
  • Pick a sunny day to enjoy the ‘tropical rainforest’ like beauty of this place with lush greenery everywhere. It is very scenic and the feeling of tranquillity you get from here is indescribable.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to make a wish on that wishing chair (see pic below). Mine was granted by the forest fairies!!

To read about St. Catherine’s Hill and Oratory, another attraction in Isle of Wight, click the link:

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