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Durdle Door

This place is a paradise! I have visited Durdle door every summer for the past three years and probably will do again this summer. The view is breathtaking! I feel refreshed spiritually and mentally when I come back from here as if I was on a pilgrimage! Okay, here are few tips if you are planning a visit 🙂

  • Choose a nice sunny day as you will appreciate the deep blue water and the green hills more! excellent for photos as well.
  • To get to the Durdle Door arch and beach, you will have to walk down from the car park located on the cliff top at Durdle Door Holiday Park. Plan your journey ahead as the walk down the hill and back up to the car park could take hours hence you might want to reach in good time to get the most out of the day. The shops are at the top of the Park therefore carry food and plenty of water. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear (and beach sandals if you need- those pebbles are sharp!),  and don’t forget some coins for parking if you arrive via car.
  • Children must be monitored all times as the beach shelves are steep and narrow at times
  • Swimming and water sports are allowed- Water quality of the beach is marked as excellent by the Marine Conservation society and it is part of the Jurassic coast UNESCO world heritage site.

Address and Postcode:

Durdle Door Holiday Park
BH20 5PU

Best time to visit Durdle door:

Try to visit during the UK spring / summer time. March to September should be a good time to visit Durdle door , but if you want warmer weather to swim in the sea try to between July to September.

Prices and opening times:


Entry is free, you only have to pay for the parking (Durdle door Holiday park). The beach is accessible all year but can be really cold in winter. The opening times of Holiday park may vary.

Attractions/ Activities near by: Please check seasonal opening times.

  • Lulworth Cove
  • Lulworth Castle and park
  • Lulworth Equestrian Centre
  • Man O’war beach
  • Lulworth and Weymouth RIB rides
  • Lulworth Equestrian centre
  • Rosewall Coarse Fishing

Accommodation near by:

FAQ about Durdle door

What is Durdle door?

It is a natural limestone in the shape of an arch located in Lulworth,Dorset County,England

When is the best time to visit Durdle door?

Try to visit during the UK spring / summer time. March to September should be a good time to visit Durdle door

where is Durdle door / where is Durdle door located ?

In the Jurasic coast ,Lulworth,Dorset county In England

Where to park in Durdle door?

There is a paid public car park . Use post code BH20 5RQ . It is just after the holiday park.

How to get to Durdle door?

Take a train to Waymouth and take a taxi/bus from there. If you are driving post code is BH20 5RQ

How to go to Durdle door from London?

From London Waterloo station take a train to Waymouth(2.5 hours). From there get a bus/taxi to Durdle door.Its 30 minutes in a taxi or 50 minutes in a bus(and a 20 minutes walk).

How old is Durdle door?

Durdle door is 140million years old.

How heigh is Durdle door?

About 60 meters or 200 feet is the highest point.

How was Durdle door formed?

The erosive action of the sea on the lime stone is reason for the formation. You can also see a lot of small caves on the seafront of Durdle door beach because of the same reason.

Why is it called Durdle door?

From an old English word called “thirl”. In dialectal English word means “A low door in a dry-stone wall to allow sheep to pass through”

Is fishing allowed in Durdle door ?

yes,you are allowed to fish . For details check http://www.southern-ifca.gov.uk/byelaws

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