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5 Essential Mobile Apps for travelling

Here is some essential apps ,which can be used to make most out from your travel. Most of the application are available in both android and iPhone. Make sure you download these applications and be familiarise with the interfaces before you go.



1.Trip Plans


To get most out of the time , you should always try to plan your trip.It is an android application which can be used for trip planning

You can add

  • Your Destinations
  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Things to do

It is also possible to see other people’s plan about their trip, which is shared under the ‘Public Plans’ tab.

Download MyTrip for android

2. Tube Maps 

If you are travelling to a city like London,Paris,Barcelona etc ….,  where there is a good public transport system like tube /metro/subway system , make sure that you download the appropriate Tube/subway/metro map and familiarise with it befor you go. We always found public transport systems in big cities extremely cheap and efficient.

Eg: London Tube map 

london tube map

Download London Tube map for android here 

Barcelona Metro map


3. Google Map Offline Feature 

google map offlinegoogle map offline 1










You can use the ‘offline ‘ feature in the Google map to save a particular part of a map for offline viewing. By doing this you can use Google maps without worrying about data roaming costs. But make sure you save the location before you leave or using a free WiFi to avoid data roaming charges.

4. Google Translate

google translate  google translate 1  Screenshot_20160507-110530 Screenshot_20160507-110553

Google translate can be used to convert texts in foreign languages to your language. It is especially useful when reading noticeboards and reading food menus at restaurants.

You can also use the text translate application to convert your message to another language and show it to people. Just rotate the phone and the translated message will be shown in big letters,which you can show it to someone.

Download Google translate for android

Download Google translate for IPhone

5. Waze – GPS Navigation

Waze is a community based GPS navigation application, which is updated with traffic and police traps :-). It is a free and very useful GPS navigation application.


Download Waze for iPhone

Download Waze for Android

Note: Is there any other application you use for your travels? Please let us know through the comments. Have a great trip !

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