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Best credit card for Travel

Even though you can use most of your credit/debit cards for purchase abroad, most of the card/bank will charge you for each transaction. So it is always better to check the credit card ‘terms and conditions’ to see what those fees are. There are many Types of loans that the public needs to be briefed upon, and out of which, the unsecured loans happen to be one of the best methods of procuring travel money. We always used credit cards with 0% fees abroad. The credit cards we usually use for travels are:

  1. Aqua credit card
  2. Halifax clarity credit card

The other good thing about using a Credit card is that you will get free ‘Section 75 Protection‘(click on it to see what it is) from the card company (UK) for all purchases (single transaction) worth above £100 up to £30,000. And we always noticed that we get the BEST foreign exchange rate when using a credit card, but make sure you pay in your currency(££) and NOT in local currency.

How to get the best foreign exchange rate for cash?

Even though we can use a credit card, always make sure you take some local currency with you. As you know, not everyone accept a credit card. To get the best rate try to buy the currency well in advance and always book on-line rather than going to foreign exchange shops in person. The price is always cheaper when you book on-line and collect the cash from the counter. Compare the rates for different places on-line before choosing a provider.

Note: Never ever wait till you get to the airport to buy currency, they always give you the WORST rate, beware !

Beware Debit cards!

We found debit cards are always the MOST EXPENSIVE way to spend money abroad. We made that mistake on our first travel. Our bank charged a fixed free of £1.50+foreign exchange fee for each transaction. So make sure you check how much your bank charge you in advance for using your debit card.

If you got a favourite card or method to spend when you are abroad, please share it with us in the comment section below !

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