William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Birthplace- Stratford-upon-Avon-Warwickshire

This post might be little useful for all the history/literature fans out there! we visited this beautiful place on a warm summer afternoon with our parents as my father is really in to English Literature.

How to get there: The address of the ticket centre is below, Shakespeare’s Birthhouse is also located on the same street (Henley Street). Maps and directions to other locations (all within the walking distance) can be obtained from the ticket centre. We drove to the site  and there were enough spaces where you can pay and park your car. But if you are arriving by train, the ticket centre is only 10 min walk from the station, it should be signposted and you won’t miss the long crowd of visitors 🙂

The Shakespeare Centre,
Henley St,
CV37 6QW
Tel: 01789 204016

How to get the tickets:

A variety of ticket options are available depending on how much time you are intending to spend on the day you are visiting. There are five main sites to visit (6th location will be opened in July 2016) which includes Shakespeare’s birthhouse, family homes  as well as his and wife’s grave in the Holy Trinity church.

  1. Shakespeare’s Birthplace- William Shakespeare was born in this house and lived here until he got married to Anne Hathaway
  2. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Gardens- where young Shakespeare tried to win the heart of his bride Anne Hathaway in this beautiful thatched farmhouse. A lot of pictures, family items, original family furnitures etc are displayed here including Anne Hathaway’s bed. The garden is beautiful and filled with colours. They conduct a lot of puzzles and trails (such as butterfly trail, sweet pea trail) for children.
  3. Hall’s Croft and Harvard House- Hall’s croft was the luxurious home of Shakespeare’s eldest daughter, Susanna Shakespeare and her husband, Dr John Hall. Harvard house is owned by Harvard University but under the care of Shakespeare’s Trust, is understood to be the house of a friend of John Shakespeare (Father of William Shakespeare). Shakespeare bought another house called ‘New House’ on the same street while he was an established playwright and believed to be written many of his creations here including the Tempest. It is believed that he died here in 1616. The house was later acquired by his daughter Susanna and her husband Dr.Hall
  4. Mary Arden’s Farm- It is the childhood home of Shakespeare’s mother, Mary. They conduct a lot of activities here to entertain the children and adults alike.
  5. Shakespeare’s Grave- Located in the beautiful Holy Trinity church along with this wife’s Anne Hathaway. This was the same church he got baptised and worshipped. Visit the church website for opening times as it varies each day based on the events. 
  6. ( New Place and Nash’s house- Opens in July 2016)- read the description above

so the tickets can be purchased based on how many locations you want to see. ‘The Five House Pass’ entitles you to enter all five above locations or you can also opt for individual locations as ‘Birthplace Pass’ or ‘Anne Hathaway’s Cottage Pass’ etc. Please visit the Trust site below for more information and separate opening hours for each location: http://www.shakespeare.org.uk/visit-the-houses/plan-your-visit.html . Each location prices vary starting from £9.90 to £24.90 (for ‘five house pass’). Concessionary rates applicable for visitors with disabilities. You will get 10% off the ticket price if you book it online and discounted rate for children/family.

Other points/tips to remember:

There is a souvenir shop next to Shakespeare’s birthplace where they sell beautiful items for friends/ family. Dogs are allowed in the gardens provided they are accompanied and on a lead. There are various cafes located next to each locations where you can sit down, eat and relax.


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