Plaza Mayor- Madrid

Plaza Mayor Square- Madrid

This symmetrical rectangular historic square will give an insight of Madrid in old times. It is very close to another famous plaza called  Puerta del Sol. The entire square is surrounded by three-story building with its balconies facing the plaza. The architecture and paintings of these buildings are interesting, but they look deserted to me even though they are residential buildings. I gathered that this Majestic square might have been witnessed many events in the past  from buzzing  markets and festivals to bullfights and terrible public executions. Anyhow, the plaza is now visited by thousands of tourists and mainly occupied by cafes, restaurants and street entertainers. The celebrations for the feast of San Isidro (patron saint of Madrid) is held here. There is a bronze statue of King Philips III at the middle of the square, which is believed to be dated back to 1616.

Address:  Plaza Mayor, 28012 Madrid. Sol station is the closest subway station reached via Line 2.

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