Les Rambles- La Boqueria- Barcelona

La Boqueria Market- Barcelona

OKay! so if you are in to cooking, fresh produce, good quality seafood/meat products etc then La Boqueria Market is a must visit! This place is a feast to your eyes! it is all about freshness and variety here. This market showcases ingredients from around the world and consists of the finest fishmongers and butchers in Catalonia. There are many food stalls within the market but you have to remember this is a very busy place so the seating arrangements are not as comfy. We had tried some fried vegetables and seafood and it was one of the best without a doubt! Like I have mentioned in my other posts, If you have a kitchen attached to your room, this is the place where you should be picking up the ingredients for your dinner 🙂

Location: Rambla, 91 08001 Barcelona

How to reach:The easiest way to reach is via metro . Look for “LICUE” metro station on Line 3 (L3) . Exit the station to “Les Rambles” street. It is one of the busiest and lively street. You can do a stroll in the street towards “Plaça de Catalunya”. Look on the left side for “Mercado de La Boqueria “.

Opening hours: Mon- Sat 0800- 20.30 hours, here is the website for more information http://www.boqueria.info/index.php?lang=en

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