Durdle Door-Summer 2017

That’s right, i have visited this beautiful place again this summer with another bunch of lovely people and had an amazing time!! if you haven’t seen my previous post about Durdle Door, please click the following link to know more about location, opening time etc : https://travblog.com/england/durdle-door-dorset.html

the vibes are different every time!

This time around, we went on a very hot sunny summer day and it was heavily crowded! it seemed like the entire country was there. But don’t get me wrong, i did enjoy it very much. Last time it was much more like a ‘nature pilgrimage’ sort of journey. We all sat in silence and listened to the waves, had cool breeze on our face while we climbed the hill watching the sun setting in the background. This time the mood was quite the opposite, hot summer sun was burning on our face, there were people everywhere, kids and dogs running around…it was colourful, filled with full of energy and it was brilliant! Downside was long queue to get to car park, toilet, shops etc but we had some food and drinks with us so we didn’t struggle that much. If you are taking kids, make sure they stay hydrated as the walk down the hill and back up in the hot weather can be extremely tiring. Watch the kids at all times as you can see it is very narrow and steep and no need to stress the importance of sensible footwear. Have fun exploring this paradise 🙂

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