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How to find the cheapest flight ticket for your holiday ?

Where to fly ?

If you don’t have a particular destination in mind and are open to go ‘anywhere’ for your holiday, it is usually possible to get the cheapest flight ticket. I always use and Google to find a destination.

My favourite websites :

  2. Google Flight
google flight

Google Flight Booking

skyscanner flight comparison

flight tickets

When to fly ?

From experience, I usually find Tuesdays and Wednesdays are little bit less expensive to fly. But always try to check the price for different days before booking your Holidays. Also make sure you are not flying to a country on the days where it is locally important such as seasonal holidays and festivals etc as the price of the flight ticket and public transport can be really high.

When to book flight ticket ?

Try to book the flight ticket around 7-8 weeks before the proposed travel date. I wouldn’t recommend booking it too early. Some airlines like Easyjet (local European union flights ) gives ‘money back’ if you find the ticket you purchased already is available cheaper at somewhere else. Therefore, make sure you check the price after booking the ticket and if it goes down, you can call them and get the difference as vouchers.


  • If there is two airports in a city, make sure you check the flight ticket prices to both of the airports.
  • Try to mix and match- if you book both onward and return tickets on different airlines, you might find the price to be cheaper. You can do that using
  • Check regularly to see the price trends to get a better idea
  • You can set-up an alert using Google or Skyscanner, so that you will get notifications for any price drops of your favourite destinations.

If you have a special method or tips to book a cheap flight , please share in the comments.

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